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Proposed Commercial Subdivision Lots For Sale
All information herein subject to changes, modifications and/or withdrawal without prior notice.

                Commercial Lots with Great Visibility - Just off I-65
                Across from Southlake!
Lot 1
Approximately 1.9 Acres +/-
Proposed Zoning: Commercial (CP)
Lot Dimensions: Approximately 255' x 324'
Price: $ Call

Lot 3
Approximately 1.2 Acres +/-
Proposed Zoning: C2
Lot Dimensions: Approximately 200' x 270'
Price: $ Call

Lot 4
Approximately 1.3 Acres +/-
Proposed Zoning: C1
Lot Dimensions: Approximately 210' x 270'
Price: $ Call

This is a proposed hypothetical subdivision only. All measurements are approximate. All aspects of this preliminary drawing, and any lot(s) therein, are subject to reconfiguration(s), price change(s), modification(s) and/or withdrawal without prior notice.
World Properties, its broker and  representatives are not responsible for errors and/or omissions.

For more information, please call:            Jim Gardner   
In Birmingham:     (205) 879-9287
Outside Alabama:    (888) 695-5767

E-mail address: Sales - Alabama Real Estate

World Properties Realty Company, its Broker(s), Agent(s), and/or Representative(s) are not responsible for any errors and/or omissions. It is Purchaser(s) sole responsibility to independently verify any and all information which may in any way affect their decision to purchase this or any property. All terms and/or conditions related to any properties mentioned herein are subject to change or be withdrawn without prior notice. All measurements and/or dates are approximate.

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